Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) is:

If you finance or lease autos you take risk – and plenty of it. Your collateral is highly mobile, easy to hide and easy to wreck.   And all too often it’s uninsured. Berkshire Risk’s Collateral Protection Insurance is the tool you need to minimize the risk of uninsured physical damage.  CPI lets you directly insure vehicles when your customer’s insurance cancels, expires or is never there to begin with.

Using CPI is quick and easy:

    • Identify your uninsured autos – new sales with no insurance
      or existing accounts with cancelled policies
    • Order CPI coverage through daily or weekly DMS reporting
    • Report and remit CPI premium monthly in arrears as collected –
      no credit risk or cash flow burden
  • Berkshire Risk mails CPI placement disclosures

Benefits of CPI:

    • Broad “All-Risk” physical damage coverage
      with no excluded drivers
    • Fixed monthly premiums
    • Lightning fast claim turnaround
  • CPI is reinsurable
  • Additional optional lender coverages


    • BHPH/LHPH Dealers
    • Banks & Credit Unions
  • Independent Finance Companies

CPI – Point of Loan Origination (POLO) Application

Salvage Disposal Submission Form